Certificate download   Certificate check  
Client who uses professional personal online banking for the first time, after applied for digital certificate at the bank counter, shall download digital certificate in PC. Or, regular client who has applied for digital certificate recovery shall download digital certificate in PC. The client can check the basic information of digital certificate.
Certificate backup   Certificate import  
USBKey user does not need to do certificate backup. To facilitate the use of digital certificate, the document certificate user can export the digital certificate as a backup. We strongly recommend to safekeep this backup. After your computer is reinstalled the system, or when you need to use online banking in another computer, if you've exported certificate, you can import certificate through this function.
Certificate deletion
After used online banking in other's or public computer, the document certificate user shall delete the certificate before leave, to avoid the certificate being embezzled by others. USBKey user does not need to do the above operations, and he/she only needs to unplug the E-Shield.
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